Compositions for Dining

Tag: Make Ahead

  • Blueberry French Toast Oven Bake

    A pitch-perfect brunch and Mothers Day casserole. Starting the night before, prepare the oven bake and refrigerate overnight. Then, all you have to do in…

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  • Tapenade

    Ludwig loves, loves, his olives. Appetizer, salad, relish tray, entreé or with a cheese plate and Port for dessert, there seem to be few dinners…

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  • Tabouli

    Typically served with Middle Eastern or North African foods, tabouli really needs to be brought out of the pigeonhole. Although tabouli is the soulmate of…

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  • Guajillo Salsa

    Guajillos are a very popular dried chile available most stores and online. Milder than jalapenos and with roughly the same heat as anchos (3000 Scoville…

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