Compositions for Dining


  • Beer Cheese

    Welsh Rabbit, or Welsh Rarebit. Rather than get into the long-running name wars for this I do the germanic thing and call it what it…

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  • Ludwig van Salsa

    What’s not to like about a fresh salsa? Well, the watery juices that drip down your arms and make your chips soggy. This recipe fixes…

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  • Thumbnail for Pork Belly Nuggets

    Pork Belly Nuggets

    Ooh, there’s not much better than smoked meat, cooked low and slow. It’s culinary ecstasy. Fatty, juicy pork belly is about as good as food…

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  • Tapenade

    Ludwig loves, loves, his olives. Appetizer, salad, relish tray, entreé or with a cheese plate and Port for dessert, there seem to be few dinners…

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  • Steak Tartar

    People say Steak Tartar isn’t for everyone but Ludwig heartily disagrees. It is one of those appetizers that can turn into a main course because…

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